Hog Roast Dunchurch

The Hog Roast has been a traditional meal in the UK since man invented the spear.  Now, many thousands of years later, Hog Roast Dunchurch, has improved and perfected this tradition.

We don’t use spears, for a start.  In fact all of our pigs are free range, sourced locally, and of grade A standard.  Before roasting we rub the skin with a olive oil and sea salt mix.  This not only permeates into the meat, but gives a deliciously golden crackling, which is crispy and light.  The roasting itself is slow, which helps the meat to become succulent and tender.

When ready, we carve, then put the meat and crackling into a home baked soft roll.  We then add, if wanted, one of out beautifully made stuffings and freshly made bramley apple sauce.

But man can’t live on meat alone, so we offer a range of fresh salads and tasty pasta dishes, along with baked or flavoured roasted potatoes.

Our friendly and helpful staff are at hand through out the event to tend to your guests, so you are able to enjoy your event, whether it be a wedding, a party or a corporate function.

Our prices are highly competetive, our excellence included within that price.

Hog Roast Dunchurch, an ageless tradition, delivered to your door.