Hog Roast Harbury

Hog Roast Harbury is probably the finest Hog Roasting Company in the universe.

Bold claims, maybe, so let us explain how we come to that conclusion.

For a start, we only use free range pigs from local farms, as we like to support the local economy.  We then lightly coat the skin in one of out tasty rubs, whether it be olive oil and sea salt, cider and sea salt, thyme and rosemary, honey, or chilli.

The hogs are then verrrrrry slowly roasted in our purpose bulit ovens, regualrly basted in their own fats, producing quite stunning, golden, crispy and light crackling, with meat so tender and succulent it quite literally falls way from the bone.

But every masterpiece requires a frame. Our soft rolls are freash and home baked, our range of gorgeous stuffings moist and flavoursp some, our bramley apple sauce beautifully conjured.  All served up with a choice of potato dishes, crisp salads, and tasty pasta dishes.

All at an affordable price.

So, whether it be a wedding, anniversary, party, or any event which requires sumptious food, Hog Roast Harbury is the company for you.  Family owned, family traditions.

Hog Roast Harbury, settle for nothing less.