Hog Roast New End

For the perfect Hog Roast, delivered at reasonable prices, you need to look no further than Hog Roast New End.

As a family firm, reputation means everything to us, which is why we go out of our way to make sure that your event is a catering success.  Using only free range pigs, from local farms, along with the finest ingredients in our salads and pasta dishes, we believe that the quality of our food is second to none.

We set up all of the tables, chairs and gazebos, whilst the hogs roast ever so slowly in our purpose built roasters, so as your guests arrive they are met with the wonderful aroma of roasting hog.

The hogs themeselves are prepared by coating the skin in our olive oil and sea salt rub, which gives the crackling a golden crispiness and a delicious taste.  The meat itself will be incredibly tender and succulent, and when put into our home baked soft rolls, with our gorgeous stuffing and bramley apple sauce, the combination gives a wonderful eating experience.

Add to this our fresh salads and pasta dishes, along with a choice of accompannying potato dishes, the magic is complete.

What’s more, if you’re catering for numbers, our hog roasts are incredible value.

Check out our ful menu today, and book a Hog Roast which you will never forget.

Hog Roast New End – The ultimate in the art of Hog Roasting.