Hog Roast Whitnash

It is true that mankind has been roasting hogs since the dawn of time. But not like us they haven’t.

Hog roast Whitnash doesn’t simply roast the hog, oh no.  First we rub in an olive oil and sea salt mix, or olive oil and cider mix, if you prefer, before slowly roasting it in our purpose built ovens, leaving the meat tender and juicy and the crackling golden, crisp and to die for.

Then we put it all together with one of our delicious stuffings and freshly made bramley apple sauce, in a home baked soft roll.

Served with a selection of roasted and/or baked poatoes, salads and pasta dishes, your guests will be left sate, sattisfied and so very happy.

Highly competetive prices, free range produce, cooked to perfection. Hog Roast Whitnash. Don’t mess with the rest – try the best.